"I wanted to take a minute to tell you how impressed we have been with 5 Star every time we have needed a travel agency. The Windjammer Cruise you arranged for our large, geographically spread-out group will always remain one of our most memorable jaunts. Even though you asked us to bear with you since it was the first Windjammer you had personally worked on, you never missed a beat. Our friends were as blown away as we were. I am quite sure that when the time comes for our next group adventure, we will ask if you'd like to handle it. When anyone asks for a travel agent recommendation we always say "you". Furthermore, if anyone ever asks you for a reference, don't hesitate to call us. You always recommend great places and get really good prices. Thanks and I hope your business is thriving."

Diane Wenzel

"It was a pleasant surprise to find out that we have a credit relative to our Carnival Cruise. More importantly, we sincerely appreciate your honesty, and we are now even more dedicated to your agency. Thanks again."

Ken and Ann Jones

"I'm sure that in owning a business you would like to hear from your clients as to the quality of service we receive from those you employ. Not to get too winded here, but I have worked with many travel agencies and agents in the 25 years I've been with my  company. I've never once come across an agent who has been as helpful, considerate and genuinely caring. We took our trip on August 12th to the Palladium Grand in Riviera Maya. I can't express how relieved I was that everything worked out so smoothly. I have told many people about the quality of service I received from your agency and stressed that I highly recommend using Five Star should they have travel plans in the future. Thank you for an enjoyable vacation."

Laurie Baruzzini-Koenen 

 "Now that I'm beginning to get back to reality, I wanted to thank you for the many courtesies extended to the Steffen Family. We all had a wonderful week and look forward to many adventures in the future. Five Star is definitely at the top of my list for travel and cruise needs. Thank you again for a marvelous week."


"Thanks for planning a great Alaskan cruises for us! We were lucky to have sunshine every day! We enjoyed our sidewalk shopping tours of all the cities at port! During the local sightseeing tour at Ketchikan, we went to the fish hatchery and sighted two black bears and five eagles attacking the spawning salmon for an hour! We had a great time."

Jay and Linda

"We had a great time on the cruises. You did a great job again! The Airport Hilton is THE BEST hotel to do park and fly. Your friend there did a great job also. Again thanks for all you did for us."

Elaine and Bill

"I have done a lot of traveling and used many travel agents and I have found that 5 Star Travel is the BEST!!! They get me great deals and are very helpful and informative. They have already been to all of the places I want to visit and have great tips and advice to give. Thanks for everything!!!"

Brian Evans

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